Daiho SAITO

 Co-founders and the Chief Officer of Organization

 The Chief Buddhist Priest of Youshoji temple


Worked as a psychiatrist who helped many people with mental illness, and, to solve every disparity in the world, tackles issues of environmental problems, constitutional amendment, the world economy, and human rights, and so, through study groups, research institutes and laboratories with experts. He can heal and inspire surroundings with his songs with his soul



The key person of CEP and an active woman with a passionate heart in the slim body. An Aroma therapist with a warm heart  



Designer with an entertaining character. A humorous person, good at singing and dancing   

Tetsuji HINA

Director and Translator of English

Solve problems with a clear head. A helpful and kind Osaka-jin


Web Designer

A woman with a sincere and warm heart. For the world everyone can be smile


Lives in Phnom Penh

A charming woman with a warm smile. Find a way with a fearless, strong, and active mind


Translator and Interpreter of Khmer

A woman with a strong belief and passion


Lives in Phnom Penh

Learning Buddhism by leading a study group with friends to construct a better world

Welcome to CEP!

We welcome new members who can agree with our Vision and Missions, who want to exchange opinions or viewpoints with Cambodians by reading picture books for preschool students and their parents and discussing with the youth about their daily lives on the basis of Buddhist principles, in order to make Cambodian societies better toward the future.


If you have interested in Cambodia or Asian people, cultures, societies, and countries, if you want to have interactive activities with local people, and if you have interests in education, feel free to let us know through the Contact Form.