Regional Vitalization Programs

Community Supporting Programs aimed at Regional Vitalization

1. Promoting Hygiene Project

It's not a common concept about hygiene and first aids country side in Cambodia, as well as lack of knowledge about them.

We distribute the original hygiene posters that would be able to understand even a small children, so that promote the knowledge about hygiene. And make lecture of hand washing and toothbrushing to the children.

Also we provide first aid manual to the village chiefs and teachers, and teach them how to protect children from the disease and injury as much as they can even inaccessible place to the medical clinic.


*We get the toothbrushes as a donation from several toothbrush products company in Japan.



Sna Dai Khmer

Pannasaustra University of Cambodia 

NPO Kam Kam Khmer

2. Peace Project

This project introducing Cambodian Bullet Jeweler Mr. Chantha Thoeun, and his message for the peace.

When we met him for the first time, we got much impressed of his beautiful designed accessories, and moreover we felt the deepest emotion by his life story.


He lost his family during the civil war in childhood, and grow up in orphanage. He learned the jeweler skill on supporting program for orphans operated by Western NGO.

After he grown up he'd decided to melt those evil weapons into beautiful accessories, and to put the strong message of "No more War". He makes all these accessories hoping that no one even his children would never be experienced as he had before, and for the World Peace.

We totally agreed with his idea and message for the peace, and began the project to introduce his story and message, Peace accessories to Japan.



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