New updated activities visiting Cambodia in November 2022

Finally we succeeded to visit Cambodia again after 3years interval because of Corona virus pandemic!

We visited Pannya Sastra University Takhmau Campus and IFL Japanese Department of Royal University of Phnom Penh, and several project sight in Battambang and Kampong Spoe Province. 

Please click the link below and access the activity reports.




Posted the Japanese dubbed version of picture story "A Poppy Seeds" 

We've produced and posted the Japanese dubbed version of the famous Buddha teaching story "A Poppy Seeds" which is famous story of the woman called 'Kisa-Ghouthamee'. We've produced it as an original picture story.


Please click the link of Youtube and watch it!

Published revised edition of the booklet 'Everyone is the Child of Buddha' 

We've almost finished the first edition of our original picture book, so we produced  the revised edition and published in Phnom Penh. 

We added the page called "Morning Chanting Word" and introduce the words for children that make them smile and gentle mind at the beginning of their daily life.

Please see the words and let's chant them with your family!  


Here the translated words in English.


The Morning Chant

Let’s chant together everyday morning.


Good morning everyone

Good morning for every living thing together

Good morning for great nature bringing all the life up


May my smile light you up just as sun light up the earth

May your smile light others up

And then may light whole the world up


We hope to remember the great Buddha’s gentleness

When we feel suffering and sadness

And then may we overcome difficulties helping each other


Thank you everyone

Thank you for all of the living thing together

Thank you for great nature bringing all the life up 



None of us live only by myself.

We’re living with our family as father, mother, brothers and sisters, and with all the living things as birds, animals, insects and plants.

When you smile and take loving care for someone, it will spread around you.

Like this if we can think of and to be kind each other, 

we all may have a happy life.

Kindness is affection, it means when we think of others and hope others happiness, it leads the happiness of ourselves.

We hope we can live with smile, and remember the gratitude to make sure the importance of life, like I and all other living things has been born and are living at this moment in this world. 

And we hope to notice that whole the world is full of

Buddha’s mercy. 

For Cambodian Societies and communities, where Children can live with hopes

CEP, Cambodia Empowerment Project, is a nonprofit organization to connect Cambodia and Japan. For the Cambodian children’s and youth’s bright future, CEP helps nurture sympathy and compassion to the others and nature by providing mental and physical supports based on the principles and the wisdom of Buddhism.

We aim at the goals that Cambodians can spend better life with happiness in a sharp economic growth by solving problems and issues with them.


Along with information about Cambodia, we clarify present circumstances in Cambodia and its problems and issues through our eyes


We take different approaches through our projects to contribute to constructing sustainable societies in Cambodia without materialism and mammonism