Peace Contribution Project

Bullet jewelries: Key holder, Bagcharm, Suncature

A bullet jeweler Mr.Chantha Theun, he's making peace accessories made of melted bullet.

He had lost his family and house through the civil war and became orphan, experienced so much hardships in his life. 

But he had been get over all the sorrows and tragedy, and continue to produce the jewelries with strong hope for peace.

In his small workshop, the relic of war come into beautiful accessory well polished and fine handicraft. They are so attractive and seems even imagine they were the weapon.


Please take these beautiful bullet peace jewelries, and consider about the importance  of peace once again.   

Chantha born in a poor remote village.

He'd lost his sister and mother in his childhood and living with his father, but also father was killed in a shootout with the Pol Pot solider, when he was just 8 years old.

He became an orphan and lived with grand parents for several years, and then get into orphanage. There he learned language and how to make jewelry, everything instead of going to school.


He says 'War take everything away from us, family, house, food, and even the chance to get education. I'm making these jewelries for myself to get over my bitter and sorrowful memories, also put into my strong hope for my children and anyone would never be faced with such tragedy.

And I melt the weapon which is the tool of killing people, and make jewelry the symbol of peace and love. I want to express the message that the war time is over, we should go forward to the peace.' 

There were two young stuff worked in his workshop. They can earn the money to pay  school fee for their university, and there are various options open to well education students in their future.

And also there is few place for young artisans to learn the jeweler skill, so Chantha hoped to make wide of his workshop so that more people can work.

It would make more opportunity to work for the community people.

And he also hopes for young generation to take the mind of peace over from him through making those bullet jewelries.


He has improved his business gradually, and now he made his workshop more wide space and employs 10 assistant! 


*All these accessaries are arranged make by Gaia-Breath such as keychain, bag charm, and sun catcher so that useful for Japanese.

* The profit from selling the accessories to be used for the expenses of CEP activities supporting Cambodia.


To buy the accessories, please access the CEP online shop website :


Peace Key Chain  3,000Jp.yen each (Total length 17cm)


(from the left side)1.Tree of Life  2.Lotus  3.Dove Peace 4.Mandara  5.Friend Gecko

*Upper side using the high quality leather.  

Peace Sun Catcher  3,200Jp.yen each (Total length 38cm)


(from the left side) 1.Mandara  2.Lotus  3.lotus

*Upper string using the Kyoto Yuzen string, lower side using natural stones and high quality crystal glasses. 


Peace Bag Charm  2,600Jp.yen each(Total length 13cm)


(from the left side) 1.Lime tree  2.Dove Peace  3.Dove Peace


*Upper side using the high quality leather, and decorate with natural stones or Cambodian natural seeds.

All these accessories are available at CEP Online shop

or please contact our inquiry

CEP’s original Picture Story

We produce a picture story based on the Legend about Kisa-gotami, a famous narrative in Buddha Teachings, for children and beginners of Buddhism learners, as an understandable picture story with contemporary expressions.


The decreasing number of Buddhist has accelerated, and it is said that people believing in Buddhism would be extinct in the next 50 years in Japan. Although there are several reasons about it, the main reason might be that unlike Christianity and Islam, Buddhism does not have clearly compiled scripts such as the Koran and the Bible. Moreover, there are over 84 thousand sutras which are written with arcane classic Chinese, thereby making people hard to start learning Buddhism.

Outline of the story

A mother who lost her infant went mad and wandered a town, without realizing that her baby died. She met Buddha and learnt about how to create medicine which could revive her infant. 


Buddha taught her that she had to find a poppy seed growing up in a household where no one had died. She sought for such a poppy seed from one house to another in the town, but she could not find one and finally 

noticed that everyone had felt deep grief in their lives.


Buddha would like her to find out the fact through her action, and promote her to recover from hardships and get calm again by herself. Everyone can learn his deep wisdom and compassion from the story. 

Picture Story Set: the Legend about Kisa-gotami 

  • Picture Story:              ¥ 15,000 -
  • Picture Story with the special wood frame:   ¥ 23,000 -

(A3 size: 420 mm width by 297 mm height, 16 color pages)


This picture story set with wood frame is available at CEP Online shop  or another order let us know by sending a message from Contact Form, and we will repay it as soon as possible.

A Booklet: Everyone is the Cild of Buddha

This book is composed by some Buddha's words to convey genuinely important things on our daily lives with understandable expression even for children; What the most important things is and what is inevitable for our lives. From Buddhist teachings, we can learn a lot of wisdom and guidelines for how we should live.


Please let children acquire correct behaviors not only by reading the book, but also by practicing Buddhism teachings through teachings. Through Buddha’s preachments, children hopefully and successfully nurture their strong but gentle minds, and the minds will help them to overcome hardships such as suffering and grief in their lives.


Also for adults who read the book, it will be our pleasure that we can provide opportunities to improve their life or to grasp clues that can help them with something supplementary by relearning/learning Buddhism with children.


*Booklet of Japanese version is available by minimum 50 copies at CEP Online shop  or other order let us know by our inquiry

Everyone is the Child of Buddha
You can read the Booklet English version by click and Download this file.
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